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Save streched values along color ramp as raster function template

Question asked by ignacioguerrero on Jul 9, 2015



I need to create a standard color representation for  a large set of raster files. I use a  min-max stretch function and I override the default values (calculated from the file) with standard min-max values (for example 0 to100). Then I select a color ramp. The display looks good for the current file. Next, I export as a raster function template (from the Layer Properties/Symbology dialog). Apparently the raster function template does not honor the custom min-max (0 to 100) but it reverts to the default  values calculated from the file. Thus when I apply the raster function template, I don't et the standard color scale 0 to 100. Is this a bug? Is there a way to force the raster function template to store standard min-max values?