flow direction

Discussion created by dejannajed on Nov 9, 2010

I would like to ask how to make a flow direction analyise. My input data are polylines with elevation (z data). (each polyline has z value at the start and end etc. start: 301,29m end 302,99m) Polylines are interlaced into a quite complicated network (sewerage system). I would like to make flow direction analyise based on a elevation. (from the highest point of the seweage system, to the lowest point). It would be great if the final product would be raster.

Can you please explaine how to do it?!

Do I have to be careful also at the cross sections? etc. where two lines comes together there is vertex, otherwise if one line is going under for around 2m there is only a cross section of two polylines!

I hope I made my self clear.

thanks for the anwser,