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Zoom out after Geocoder finds match

Question asked by timw1984 Champion on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by timw1984

Hey everybody,


In my javascript application I use the ESRI Geocoder and once a match has been selected it zooms to the match.


What I try to do is after my map zooms to the match I want to zoom out to a specific extent, which should be possible by using map.setExtent().


This only works if I am in developer mode and I put a break point at map.setExtent() , which leaves me to believe that the zooming initiated by the geocoder takes some time and happens after I do map.setExtent()


Since Jive hates me posting code, I have put the relevant code in this fiddle: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle


Thanks for any help!