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Need python equivalent to Avenue’s  “ReturnContour”

Question asked by rastrauch Champion on Jul 7, 2015
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I’m working on updating one of my old Avenue scripts.


Short description (of this particular problem in a longer process): given a set of random points within a study area, I need to create a contour at the elevation value of the random point, and using that as the center, create a transect on that contour at a given length, 50% in each direction….adjusting if necessary to keep within the study area.  (and there are other factors I don’t need to get into right now).


I’ve been able to grab the xy from a given point, and retrieve the value from the raster. The problem I am having right now is I can’t find an arcpy replacement for  ReturnContour (as shown in this line)


theFullContour = ElevTheme.GetGrid.ReturnContour(p, z, Prj.MakeNull)


My guess is it a NumPy solution (Dan Patterson maybe??), but I’m not sure what to search for.  Once I get the (poly)line, I should be ok with geometries.)


Does anyone have a simple way in python to return a single contour given an x/y/z and a raster?  Anyone in Geoprocessing or Imagery and Rasters  ??  Please, python solution C#/arcobjects.




EDIT:  meant to include a snippet of test code for getting the point, in case anyone wants to test on their own data.  I'm grabbing point 7 of 2000 because I know it will return a good contour (some will not....too flat, which is handled elsewhere)

myPoints = r"C:\ADFG.gdb\myRandomPts2"
theDEM = r"C:\ADFG.gdb\DEM20aExtent"
cnt = 1
for row in arcpy.da.SearchCursor(myPoints, ["SHAPE@XY"]):
    if cnt == 7:
        x,y = row[0]      
        print("{}, {}, {}".format(cnt, x, y))
    cnt = cnt + 1
#x, y = 377906.9379, 1538997.6698
print("{}, {}".format(x, y))
ptLoc = str(x) + ' ' + str(y)

z1 = arcpy.GetCellValue_management("DEM20aExtent",ptLoc)


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