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Imported cga file attr linking

Question asked by KennethLinformi-dk-esridist Employee on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by CWilkins-esristaff

Hallo all. I need to import a cga to another cga, and still be able to link with the object attributes.

I got a lot af calculations that I would like to do in a separate cga. So let's take the easy version to describe my issue.


I got a rule called calculation.cga. could look like this.

attr Height = 1

in my polygons I have a object attribute called height, so my attr height gets updated automatically with the value from my polygons.


Then I have a cga called mass.cga. like this:

import calc : "calculation.cga"




extrude (calc.Height)

I'll need to assign my mass.cga to my polygons. That will give an extrusion of 1. If I change it a bit to se what's going on and create the attr Height = calc.Height

It tells me that now it's looking to link for calc.Height.


That makes somehow sense, but is it possible to link attributes through another rule?


Then I thought to assign the calculation.cga to my polygons, and then pass the the shape to mass.cga, that would create the link right, but I would get a loop of imports. Calculation.cga wouls import mass.cga and mass.cga would import calculation.cga, that don't seem to be allowed.

any thoughts would be much appreciated.