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Interfacing ArcGIS to SAP - What are the best practices?

Question asked by david.granata_goodyearaz on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by david.granata_goodyearaz

We are a local government agency. SAP is being implemented as our Asset Management and Financial system. We are looking to use it to be the central core enterprise database and migrate all other application functionality to SAP. Those legacy application functions that SAP cannot duplicate will need to be interfaced. All of the physical assets in GIS will be moved to SAP. We want to minimize the duplication of database fields and carry the information in one place to have real-time data values available in both GIS and SAP. This also minimizes data synchronization issues.


  • What are industry best practices to interface Esri to SAP?
  • Any customer done this interface and what are any lessons learned?  What would you do differently? What keys fields are you using between the two systems?


Any information to this interface and what to watch out for would be appreciated.  Thank you.