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Convert the projection used by multiple feature classes in a file geodatabase

Question asked by joincto on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by joincto

I have a number of file geodatabases containing feature classes using a specific geographic projection.

I wish to convert them all to feature classes in a replacement file geodatabase having a different

geographic projection (for reasons of efficiency). How can I do this?


None of the tools in the standard ArGIS-10.3.1 toolbox  (Data Management Tools => Projections and Transformations) don't seem to support it:

     Batch Project only shows files of type "Geographic datasets" and doesn't even display the name of the file geodatabase

     Project is for a single dataset only


I have looked at ArcCatalog => Export => To geodatabase (multiple)

but it isn't quite clear to me how to convert the projection.

One can modify the Environments => Output Coordinates

and change the output cooordinate system from "Same as Input" to "As Specified Below"

but it asks for the geographic transformation without providing any guidance

about which one(s) should be used. Batch Project, mentioned above

seems to know which transformation to use since it doesn't ask the user

for that information.