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calculating pixels, .jpg to raster

Question asked by aydaes on Jul 6, 2015
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I have 2 images which are the aggregate data of some participants using an eye tracker in separate groups (the images are attached, R1Active and R1Passive). The images were taken from a facade (R1 and R1_P) so I cannot geo-reference them.


I want to say that the heatmaps (the colorful areas) are almost the same parts of the facade and landscape for both images.


How can I count the number of pixels in colorful areas (i.e. heatmaps) (excluding the black background)?

Do I need to convert .jpg to raster? if so how can I do it?

Can i simply count pixels where R, G, and B are not equal to zero (that is when the color is not black)?


Thank you very much!