IHydrologyOp Fill excption

Discussion created by craz on Nov 8, 2010
Hi everyone,

Thanks in advance.

I trying to prepare a DEM by using IHydrologyOp.Fill, but it failed. I tried the same operation and the same data with Fill tool in ArcToolbox, it works fine. I would like to know, what is wrong in my codes?

      IHydrologyOp pHydroOp = new RasterHydrologyOpClass();
      IGeoDataset pInputGrid = (IGeoDataset)pDEM;
      object zLimit = Type.Missing;
      IGeoDataset pFillDEM = pHydroOp.Fill(pInputGrid, ref zLimit);

the exception shows: ERROR 010067: Error in executing grid expression.
and I looked up the HResult(-2147217256) of the excption in developer help, it says:
E_SPATIAL_ANALYST_GRID_EXECUTE -2147217256  Description:xxx.

There's no enough error info can be used.  I there anyone knows what the problem is?