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ArcGis api proxy page performance so slow

Question asked by sanjeev_ksinha on Jul 4, 2015



I have implemented the proxy page proxy.ashx into an application. But the performance of proxy.ashx is so slow as compare to the browser httphandler. If i am doing some query and that query is almost returning big results and If I am using the applicaiton without proxy.ashx page then we are getting the results and if I am using the proxy.ashx then most of the time it get struct on the line  "string strResponse = sr.ReadToEnd();". Its seems that the performance of the proxypage is slower than the browser httphandler. Due to this I am unable to use the proxypage and authenticating the user to get the token by javascript and also bypassing the identitymanager but this option expose the token. any user can see the token using browser debugger tool.


Does anyone faced similar kind of issue with the proxy.ashx page? How to resolve this issue. Why proxy.ashx page are so slow (most of time getting timeout exception but same results is getting return by browser httphandler(Without proxy page).



Is there any option to hide the parameter of the request made by the querytask, esri.request etc... so that user can not be able to see the token using the browser debugger tool?