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Understanding FindRoutes credit use

Question asked by deleted-user-m6DuRVNpNiGp on Jul 2, 2015



I'm having trouble figuring out the credits that will be charged if I use the Logistics/World/FindRoutes tool in ArcGis Desktop (10.2.2). The optimized routing apparently uses 0.5 credits, while simple routing uses 0.04 credits. We have a limited number of credits, and for our purposes would rather use the simple routing service. But I haven't been able to find a good example of what the difference is, or how to make sure that if I run the FindRoutes tool that I am actually using the simple routing service. (I hate to say this, because much of the ArcGIS documentation is quite good, but the FindRoutes documentation is vague.) If I select a time-of-day, does that automatically make it an optimized route? Is time or distance optimized or unoptimized?


I've also found this blog post but it doesn't clarify things for me.


(The data I'm trying to get routes for are a series of two points which represent trips from an origin location (e.g. home) to a boarding bus stop. I'd like to calculate either driving distance or driving time.)


Many thanks.


- geoff