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Unattended install of CityEngine

Question asked by dag29 on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by SHaegler-esristaff

I found some basic intructions on how to install CityEngine silently, however I still need more info.


We want to be able to install CityEngine using an application called TEM (aka. BigFix). I have been able to do so with ArcGIS 10.3 so I assumed that the parameters would be the same.


Here is what I am doing for ArcGIS:

msiexec /i <setup location>\setup.msi ADDLOCAL=ArcMap,ArcCatalog,Python,GeoStatisticalAnalyst,SpatialAnalyst ESRI_LICENSE_HOST=SERVER_NAME SOFTWARE_CLASS=Viewer SEAT_PREFERENCE=Float INSTALLDIR1=C:\python DESKTOP_CONFIG=TRUE /qb


Following those same guidlines, here is what I have for CityEngine:

msiexec /i <setup location>\setup.msi ESRI_LICENSE_HOST=server_name SEAT_PREFERENCE=Float /qb


City engine does install when I pass this command line. However, upon launch I am given a message saying that I need to run the CityEngine administrator and set my license. I need to be able to pass these parameters so that I can push the install out to my labs and not need to have someone go and touch each machine.