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Data Driven Pages - cannot export more than once

Question asked by olau on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by jenseverson

I have a map document setup with data driven pages to export a set of PDFs. After I export the map (File>Export Map), I may notice that I want to make a change, which I do, and then if I try to re-export the map again to PDF, the process just hangs. I have to close ArcMap with the task manager, and reload the map document just so that I can export the map document layouts.


A colleague running on an ArcInfo license did not seem to have this issue. She was able to export using data driven pages multiple times without issue. Similarly, when I load the map document using a different ArcGIS Editor license and export pages, several times, I do not run into any issues. However, another colleagues was experiencing the same problem with data driven pages with a different file, and we both run ArcEditor.


Does anyone know if there is a setting issue or have suggestions to resolve this issue?