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Cannot log in to ArcGIS Pro 1.0.2

Question asked by takehiko_hakamadaesrij-esridist Employee on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by STran-esristaff

Here is the question regarding ArcGIS Pro 1.0.2 log in.  I could not log in to ArcGIS Pro to start the ArcGIS pro application.

Behavior is following;

Start ArcGIS Pro then attached "errormessage.jpg" displays. Check on "Sign in to ArcGIS Online" then click OK. Then same "errormessage.jpg" displays and I have never log in to ArcGIS Pro. I tested on several Japanese Windows 7 64bit PC(which meets ArcGIS Pro requirements both hardware and software) but same result. I can log in to ArcGIS Online Organization page.  Also I could log in to ArcGIS Pro at home so this is not related licenses.  I am suspecting some network related issue on work environment but no idea.  I was wondering some of the user might experiencing same behavior and hopefully know the work around.