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Question asked by csa_egregis on Jul 2, 2015
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After nearly 10 years working at Esri Switzerland, I visit first time the Esri Education Conference with the mission to discuss about the future GI Education. I will contribute with my broad app and event experience at Esri Switzerland in the field of K12 and HigherEducation as well as my research findings and publication as PhD student at ETH Zurich Chair of Geoinformation Engineering where I'm focused in the field of mobile learning and developed a platform for location-based mobile learning (OMLETH).


My contribution is the Sunday Morning panel session "Nextgen GI Education" where I speak about:



Mobile, location-based and gamified GI Education

Critical thinking, collaboration, communication results in creative thinking and is the paradigm of the 21st century education. Especially, GI Education benefits of this student-centered learning approach with the ubiquity of mobile devices.

This presentation reports the output of the rising mobile GI Education in Mobile Apps, GeoGames and Location-based Education from Switzerland.

Christian Sailer - Esri Schweiz AG / ETH Zurich EDC


Sunday, 19 Jul 2015, 8:30am - 10:00am, Location: La Costa, Link: No Link available (@con=94@mode=list@dataset=sessions@feature=20541)


My Swiss Contributors in situ are Raymond Treier (Centre of Excellence Switzerland) and Daniel Trüssel (ETH Zurich, Env. Science).

I'm looking forward for great impacts and exciting discussion in San Diego.