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Extracting raster values according to different classes

Question asked by Ditlev on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by Ditlev

Hey everyone.

I have a raster dataset (bshl_112p_srf) that I want to split up according to the classes that I have defined.

These classes are defined as:





I have tried to use raster calculator to do this but it doesn't work. To extract the first class I tried to type:


Con("bshl_112p_srf" <= 535,"bshl_112p_srf")


, however I get an error for this expression.


What do I do wrong? Also, how would you extract the middle class (where you both need to have a <= and >= ). 


Would it be something like:

Con("bshl_112p_srf" >= 535,0000001 & <=686,"bshl_112p_srf")

Thank you!

best regards

Ditlev Reventlow