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Issue with the multiple locators of the World Geocode Service

Question asked by on Jul 1, 2015



I have these large datasets that I am hoping to geocode via the World Geocode Service (it gets better results than through a locator created from census street data). However, I noticed that the WGS tends to prioritize the match score even if there is a more precise match available. For example, it may match a record using the USA_Postal locator (which only places the record in the correct zipcode area) when a USA.StreetAddress match (which places the record at the exact address listed) is also available, albeit with a slightly reduced score. See the attached image for clarification.


Now, I would rather have ArcGIS place a record in a slightly dubious but precise address than have it assign that record to a (presumably random) point within the entire zipcode area. Is there any way I can control for this? One possible way I can imagine is to specify which locators the WGS should use and which it should not (that way I could tell it not to use locators such as USA.Postal and USA.AdminPlaces). There are far too many such entries for me to fix them manually, unfortunately.


I have found references to this issue in two separate places, but none of them were addressed satisfactorily:

World Geocoding service - Issue: Matching addresses to ZIP Codes

GeocodeAddresses vs. FindAddressCandidates


Thanks for any and all help.


- Alex