How to assign elevations

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I do have another question for you afterall. I have brought in a layer of all of the building floors, it contains information about the elevation of the floor of the floor and also has the height of the floor. This is very important because our buildings have irregular interstitials that have been requested to be modled true to form. I was able to create a rule to extrude each floor by the height attribute. Im stuck on trying to determine how to assign the elevations in the attributes as the "heightmap", the elevation that floor should sit on. I want this to be independant of my terrain so I assume that it has to be added to the rule. I found some information online stating that there was a way to do this but the token settings.setHeightmap say that it is undefined. Very confused: below is an example of where Im currently at:


#This attribute should be "sourced" to the object attribute

attr Height = 0

attr Elevation = 0




Lot -->

  extrude (Height)



This is the example I atempted to use but I guess I dont understand it:

alignShapes(self, shapes, settings=None)Aligns a set of shapes.

@param shapes: The set of shapes to align.
@param settings: The align settings. Omit to use default settings. (default  = None).

@note: # align shapes of layer 'Lots' to layer 'Heightmap'
lotLayer = ce.getObjectsFrom(ce.scene, ce.isLayer, ce.withName("'Lots'"))
settings = AlignShapesSettings()
ce.alignShapes(lotLayer, settings)