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Publishing a service with a join table (pending fields)

Question asked by Mehretab on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2016 by rubinsty

I am trying to publish a service with a feature layer joined to a table. I wanted it to use a symbology from the joint table, the joined table is updated every 2 minutes hence I would like the symbology to change accordingly (dynamically). The table is rooted in SQL server while the feature layer is in another folder and is copied to the server while publishing. the only worning during publishing process is

"10014: Layer's draw time may be affected by slow join access times".

all the fields (even the joined fields) are avialable in ArcGIS REST Services Directory. I published them also  as a dynamic layer and this also won't work. is there any tecnical requirement missed here on the process. is show only the zoom widget, the title and the esri log on the bottom with a black map


I apprciate for your response