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Arial 12pt being replaced by 'System Font'

Question asked by kirkav on Jun 30, 2015

Hey folks,


I'm having trouble with some mxd's I'm working with.  Anything set to 12pt Arial font being replaced with a weird System font that displays incorrectly.  Here's a screenshot


System Font Error.PNG


It should be something like


<BOL>Figure 1</BOL>

<ITA>Project Area


XXXX, New Mexico</ITA>


In a right aligned 12pt Arial.


When I go to reset the font, it will stay as Arial until I edit the text of the textbox or scale bar or legend, then it immediately jumps back to this

System Font Error 2.PNG


Has anyone else run into this error and is there a solution?  It's taking up a great deal of time correcting the font every time I want to change text.