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Problems with mosaic dataset

Question asked by Miha_K on Jun 30, 2015
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I am working with mosaic dataset and I found a problem. If I run tool Add rasters to mosaic dataset with enabled Update overviews I get this messages:

  • Error: 8004206f: Could not initialize the mosaic dataset's parallel processing engine.
  • Error: 80040213: Configuration RasterCommander.ImageServer can not be started.
  • Server Object instance creation failed on machine MIHA.
  • Image Server is not supported with the current license.

The last one is strange because I work with ArcGIS Desktop not Server.


But the last thing is very strange. If I wait some seconds after the problem is reported and then close dialog box, the overviews are created for entire mosaic dataset.

I have installed ArcGIS 10.3.1 with 64-bit geoprocessing.


Can somebody explain this issue?


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