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Coxcomb Overlaping Slice Situation

Question asked by ialixandroaeesriro-ro-esridist Employee on Jun 30, 2015



I have created coxcombs for some indicators in my country at a regional level.

I want to apply a unique value simbology based on a field to have different colors. The problem in my situation is that the slices in coxcomb are different as scale based on some values stored on a field, and because of this differences in scale and values, some of the slices are visibile, some aren`t.

Please check printscreen for better understading.


As you can see, the coxcombs represent 2 facts(indicators). Where the "Yellow" indicator`s value is bigger than Blue`s, the yellow slice is bigger and visibile, but when the situation is opposite, I can only see the Blue Indicator Slices and the Yellow Slices(because of a smaller value) are hidden beneath...


Do you know if there are some representation rules or something to dynamic/automatical resolve this issue?