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Georeferencing jpg file and clipping the area of interest in ArcMap 10

Question asked by pv14888 on Jun 29, 2015
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Hiya all,


Apologies for consuming your valuable time!!


I am a new user of Arc Map 10. Currently, I am preparing those environmental layers that I need to use in MaxEnt for drawing a species distribution modelling for rhinolophid and hipposiderids bats. The two important layers (ecoregions of the world - WWF & Population density in India )that I need for the same are in jpg format. The ecoregion image is for the whole world and I just need that for India. So, Can anyone help me with providing the procedures of clipping the ecoregion data from the world's map which is in jpg and how to georeference these two maps (ecoregion as well as population) with ArcMap10. I also wanted to get these layers in 'acii format in order to use then in MaxEnt.


If anyone can help me with this then that would be really great!! I really got stuck with this ...


Thanks in advance!!!