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QML - How to query portal group info for a user

Question asked by paul.haakma on Jun 28, 2015
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Can anyone point me in the right direction for any samples or code that shows how to query what groups a user belongs to on a portal. I can sign in to the portal ok. I can see several code samples on querying portal items such as web maps, but haven't come across any yet that show querying groups.


So far I have a Portal object, a PortalSearchParameters object, a PortalSearchGroups object and a button to fire the 'searchGroups' method of the PortalSearchGroups object, but I can't get the onRequestComplete signal to fire and can't access any results of the query, so I assume the query is failing somewhere.


Any ideas?



   PortalSearchParameters{   id: portalSearchParameters;     query: '*'; }

  PortalSearchGroups{ id: portalSearchGroups;  portal: myPortal;

onRequestStatusChanged: {

  if (requestStatus === Enums.PortalRequestStatusCompleted)   {

  console.log("request status is completed!")  }  }

  onRequestComplete: {   console.log("request is complete..............") }


    Button{  id: testPortalSearchGroups; x: 300;    y: 300;   text: "Search Portal Groups";
   onClicked: {   console.log("test Portal groups button clicked")