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Invalid index for field: [fieldname] in Layer: [layername]     

Question asked by jungelpost on Jun 30, 2015
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We´re using AGSGDB for offline features in our app.


We´ve added a field on our server side database. On such an event, the app detects a change in schema, does a full sync-recreate offline database cycle in order to be able to present this new field in the offline database. This has been working good for us, but now one of the clients are struggling syncing back features to the feature layer with the new field ("MaltAntPl").


The following server log message seem to correlate with this particular client:



Invalid index for field: MaltAntPl in Layer: Planting.



Not sure if related, but we are also tracking the users "last login date", and here we see that the device probably has a bad Date&Time and Locale setting.


Any ideas what may cause this?

-Any tips on how we can get new fields in the offline GDB without a full re-create?:)