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WebAppBuilder – Questions Regarding how to allow many editors when we are using our own server.

Question asked by lygismav on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2015 by rastrauch


We currently have several flex viewer applications, and I would like to consider upgrading to the new WebAppBuilder.  However, I am confused about the webAppBuilder and its integration with ArcGIS Online.  I have several questions about the Web App Builder:

Users:  With the flex viewer we manage users on our own server.  If I wanted to I could set up hundreds of different users.  Now with ArcGIS Online it appears that I am limited to 8 users.  Is there a way that I can continue to manage users via ArcGIS Server, and not ArcGIS Online?

Site url:  I would prefer our url to by, not  Is that possible with the new map builders?  

Application location:  I want my maps and applications on my server for a couple reasons. 

1) I don’t want my applications to be dependent on a 3rd party site.

2) No offence, but I don’t want ESRI to be aware of each and every map and app I create.  I realize that webcrawlers out there that can find public maps, but we have some data that is secure and we do NOT allow secure data to be exposed on a 3rd party site. 

3) Backups.  I prefer to create a backup of my entire GIS server for a certain date.  As far as I am aware, there is no way to backup ArcGIS Online or restore applications to a certain date.

Webapp builder relationship with ArcGIS Online: Will ESRI support site based ArcGIS Server applications, or is everything going to be dependent on ArcGIS Online?  I did notice there is a developer edition of ArcGIS Online, but even that asks for our organizations ArcGIS Online url. 

Conclusion:  I need a mapping system that allows me to build apps quickly, keep everything on my server (maps and data), and allow us to set up as many users as I want.  ArcGIS Online is great for organizations that do not have a server, but I wonder if ESRI realizes that this over integration between ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server is really constricting ArcGIS Server users.  If I cannot continue to create apps on my own server, keep them on my server, set up permissions as I see fit, then I may abandon ArcGIS Server.   What are other people doing?  Is there a way to create apps using the webappbuilder and not be dependent on ArcGIS Online?