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Iterate over raster in a workspace name starting with 01 or 10

Question asked by ESRI_ZHAW on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by jayanta.poddar



I have a workspace with 12 raster, one for each month. The raster in the folder have a naming like 01_tmean, 02_tmean, 03_tmean,...

In ModelBuilder I will have a model to iterate and make a reclassify for each raster.

But I want to iterate only for selected rasters in the folder. The user of the model should select some of the rasters and the model should only iterate over the selected. the user can select only 1 month or all 12 month or something between.

I try to make it with the wildcard in the ratser iterator but I can only select one raster (01*) with this method or I don't know how to write the wildcard expression for more than one month. Is something like 01*;04*;07* possible? How can I combine the wildcard that it worked for different month? Or is there another solution to iterate over selected rasters?

As a workaround I copied the raster in an differnet workspace. So I have only the 01, 04 and 07 raster in a folder. but this is not much flexible.

Thank you very much for your ideas.