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Natural Gas Data Dictionary (features and attributes)

Question asked by josh.duvall on Jun 29, 2015
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I am developing the Geographic Information System for Leitchfield Utilities.  I have already developed a data dictionary that is functioning, and has exclusive details that will benefit our utility group, but I am interested in seeing other utility groups data dictionaries in order to confirm that we are not leaving out any details or information that may be important in the long run of the utility group. 



We manage water, natural gas, and waste water utilities, and I would like insight into all three if anyone would be willing to offer it.  As I mentioned in the post before, we have a functioning dictionary, but I'm wanting to expand the information in the dictionary to cover anything I could possibly be overlooking that would be valuable to us in the future.


Thanks in advance,


Timothy Josh Duvall

G.I.S. Coordinator
City of Leitchfield Utilities