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Creating Precipitation Isohyets

Question asked by Ryan.Haines on Jun 26, 2015
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This is my first time posting so please forgive me if I am doing anything wrong


I am working on a project to map the average precipitation of British Columbia in the year 2000. I currently have 1048 sample data points loaded into my map, all of which have an annual precipitation value.  I am trying to create a map that depicts the average rainfall of BC using isohyets (contours).  Initially I used the kriging tool to create the raster necessary to generate contour lines.  However, with further investigation and research I have discovered this is not the best tool to interpolate precipitation data.  There is a bias in the sample point distribution. A majority of the points are in southwestern BC (Vancouver and Victoria), while there are significantly less in the northern parts of BC. With this bias in data points, what is the best interpolation method? I believe it may be the spline tool, but I cannot be certain.  I have not run any spatial statistics on my data but it is something that I am going to investigate.