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Time-enabled WMS does not work in Desktop or AGOL, it used to, why not anymore?

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Jun 26, 2015

IEM :: About NEXRAD Composites gives a description of  WMS-T as:



A special way you can interface with this data archive is via the Web Map Service that also supports time based retrieval (WMS-T). Point your WMS-T aware app at:

The nexrad-n0r-wmst layer is time aware!"


and the latest ( 5 minutes old) composite can be added to ArcMap and AGOL by creating a WMS connection to .


However, adding  to an AGOL time slider? And no matter what setting is turned on or off in ArcMap, turning on the time slider tool results in


One or more layers failed to draw:



IEM WMS Service:   WMS service exceptions:-Service Error Code:InvalidDimensionValue

Service Error Description: msWMSSetTimePattern: WMS server error. Time value 2006-04-18 given does not match the time format pattern.

-Service Error Code:InvalidDimensionValue



I'd really like to be able to just show a few time slices from this WMS in AGOL, such as


The time slider with WMS for this service "used" to work in Arc, forget which version, seems like ESRI changed in in it wouldn't work with OGC-compliant WMS-T services? Why?