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Collector Templates

Question asked by bc_gov_gis on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by miaogeng_zhang-esristaff

I have been able to successfully work with the one of the collector template found here;


I published as a hosted feature layer and utilized in the Collector for ArcGIS app and then downloaded the records collector into a fgdb in AGOL.


I have access to ArcGIS Server locally but I have not been able to successfully publish the service definition as a map service in this environment.


2 questions


1) How do I edit a service definition file? For example, add or remove fields from the service.


2) How can I move the source of the service to an enterprise data and out of the hosted web layer environment. For example, I want to use an existing collector template but I wanted the source data to be located locally (enterprise database) rather than in the hosted AGOL environment.


Basically I want to take an existing Collector template and modify and customize it.


Thanks for your help,