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Portal governing Pro licenses not working.

Question asked by aalppa on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by aalppa

Hi Portal folks,

does anyone use ArcGIS Pro With Portal yet?


I have trouble setting up the License Manager on the Portal server, so that Portal can manage the Pro Licenses.

When starting Pro, it Connects to Portal, but "hangs" several minutes, claiming it could connect to Portal but not get a valid license.

In Portal, I can see that my user have used Pro.

So I suspect that Portal is not able to communicate with License Manager on the same server.


lmgrd is running on the Portal server, and License Manager is showing free Pro Licenses.

I am not able to find any log entries showing relevant activities, or any documentation on how this is working, especially regarding necessary firewall openings.

Could it be that communication Pro - Portal - License Manager requires some special firewall openings?




Mr. Paulsen, Lars Petter