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What type of coordinates are these and how do I project them?

Question asked by ameador1 on Jun 25, 2015
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I have been given coordinate for a GPS point and need to plot the point on our GIS system.


This is the coordinates:

39 13.532 -79 40.027


I know about the Degrees Minutes Seconds format and decimal format, but I don't know what this format is or how to import it into the system.


I can put this into Bing Maps and it comes close to the location of where the point should be, but it off by a few hundred feet. So I'm assuming it's due to differing coordinate/datum systems. I will need to get with them to verify their settings, but will need to project to our data which is NAD_1983_StatePlane_West_Virginia_North_FIPS_4701_Feet.


The main question I guess is what to do with these coordinates - I don't know how to work with this format and what's the best way to get them into the ArcMap software?