Address Coder

Discussion created by DSmith-esristaff Employee on Jun 24, 2015

I had an interesting case this afternoon dealing with Address Coder. Customer is running ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.2 and Business Analyst 10.2.2 on their system. They have also installed the 2014 Data. After the 2014 Data was installed, the ArcGIS\Business Analyst\2014 Data folder was moved to a different drive as there was more space on the second drive. After moving the data and trying to run the Address Coder, the following error would appear:


No Data

No Address Coder data are currently available. Address Coder will now close.


Decided that the easiest troubleshooting would be to move the @014 Data folder back to its original location. Once this move process completed, we opened the Address Coder icon and the program opened without any more issues.


If you are concerned with the amount of space that the 2014 Data takes when installed, there is an option during the installation of this software to choose a different location including a different drive if needed.