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Renaming and moving raster projection files

Question asked by GeoKatA on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by sephefox

Hi there,


I am in the process of projecting many maps from many coordinate systems all into the same coordinate system. This is part of a larger effort to clean a massive dataset. 

I am running into several problems that are making a bigger mess than what I started with:


1) If I rename a raster it looses its projection information. Any ideas? (I make sure to select all the files .ovr, .tfwx .tiff .aux etc.. and rename them together)


2) When I project the raster I am limited to 9 characters to name it. Why?

     2a) The output from projecting produces 5 folders and 5 additional files to the original, of which I need to rename since I was limited in the original projection. When I do so I run into problem 1 and I start the vicious cycle all over again.


What am I doing wrong? Is there a cleaner way to go about this? It seems very clunky. Can I delete some of the output files? Should I just buy global mapper software for this task?


Thanks for your help!