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ArcGIS Web viewers

Question asked by ncharman on Jun 24, 2015
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I have currently taken over a pre-existing ArcGIS Server position. I myself only really have a working level knowledge of ArcServer and Web viewer.


We currently have one large over-arching Viewer for my organization that is worldwide. I know it has a config file in the inetpub folder on our server and thats how we edit the content(We are using Flex).


What I'd like to do is create additional viewers to focus on specific areas (Like a City, Continent, Municipality, etc).


I am trying to determine the best way to go about this (If its possible) and see how exactly i can start creating these additional viewers. Do I need to create additional config files? Do I need to do something within ArcGIS Server Manager?


Any info, tips or advice to get me started would be appreciated.