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Microstation File to ArcMap 10.2

Question asked by j_m_king on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by j_m_king

I've read some past posts on this but I still can't fix the problem I am having. The worst part is that I have successfully moved this exact file into the correct location from Microstation to ArcMap many months ago, but now am having trouble recreating that.


Starting in Microstation, the file has no geographic location data. I then use the CAD to Geodatabase tool to bring the DGN file into ArcMap. In the field "Spatial Reference (Optional)" on the CAD to Geodatabase tool window, should I enter in my desired output Coordinate System or bring it in without one?


The picture attached "Input" shows how the the correct shapefile and the shapefile I am trying to bring into ArcMap to match it are in different locations, but have the same coordinate systems.


If further information is needed to answer this question please let me know.


Thank You!