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How to render 2525 symbology on arcgis server

Question asked by tangopapa on Jun 23, 2015

I asked this a few months ago but never got any further insight...


Hello all,   I'm trying to figure out how to best create an Arcgis Server service (map and feature service) that connects to a geodatabase/sde and displays 2525C features to a client that connects to  the service via a custom web application.  We can assume that the underlying data would contain the correct 2525C code.  I can't seem to find much relevant information this.   It's unrealistic to think that one would have to create an mxd that would contain all different 2525 symbologies that are mapped to all the symbol codes and then create a service out of that.  Is this even possible out-of-the-box?  Would this require custom code?  Any additional information and/or directions would be very much appreciated it!