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Stream service does not work in ArcGIS online

Question asked by Flixe on Jun 22, 2015
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I am testing Geoeventextension and have Problems with getting a stream Service work in ArcGIS online.

I have published a stream layer in WGS84 on AGS

The stream is working properly in the JS Viewer from the rest Interface of the stream service: http://servername:6080/arcgis/services/AIS_STREAM/StreamServer?f=jsapi

To add it to ArcGIS online i have tried the following

  • Add as a Feature layer to my Content (using the rest URL) in ArcGISonline AND
  • Add as a layer to the map (using the rest URL)

Both is possible but no Features get streamed in. When I start the streaming in the properties of the layer nothing happens at all.


Is that a known Problem? Is there a log available that may provide further Information?


Thanks and kind regards