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MapView Overlays Off Screen?

Question asked by dani72092 on Jun 22, 2015
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I'm pretty new to Esri development and was wondering about overlays. We use an OverlayItemsControl for displaying feature tool tips, but when the features are near to the edge of the map the tool tip gets cut off. How can I force the tool tip to display in the visible portion of the map so the entire overlay is visible?


tooltip cut off.png

I've attached a sample below where the navigation panel is the white separated by the light gray bar on the left, and the map is part of an enclosed area on the right. The feature extends past the edge of the map. The tool tip appears near the middle of the feature, but I need it to appear off to the right so the user can see it. Similarly, for features on the right side of the map it'll need to display off to the left. Is there a dynamic way to do this?


Help appreciated!