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ModelBuilder Iterate Files file extension matches too many files

Question asked by tedrakel on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by iamurray

I'm writing a model to find all the .las files in a folder and create a Las Dataset from those .las files.  I'm using the IterateFiles iterator and set the extension to "las", the period before the extension is not needed.  The problem is that there's already a .lasd file in the folder and the IterateFiles iterator matches this.  It matches "lasd" in addition to "las".  So I end up trying to create a Las Dataset from some las files and a .lasd file, which fails of course.  Is there a way to filter out the .lasd file from the file collection?  I tried using wildcards in the IterateFiles, like *.las or *.las$ but that didn't work either.  I'm using arc gis 10.2.1.  Here's a screen shot of the model.