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Two interators Model Builder

Question asked by andrade84 on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by cdspatial

Hello everbody.


I'm facing a particular situation. Maybe you can help me.


I have 2 separete folders, One contains some vectors and the other contains some rasters. I just want to clip the rasters using the vector layers, (clip the raster_1 using the vector_1). I've tried to use model builder, but it's not possible to use two interator in the same model. Then I've tried to make to separete models (each one has an iterator and then embed one of them as a sub-model in the another model), but it's not working either. Maybe I have to use arcpy and try to solve it using a Python script. Does anyone have a Idea of how could I solve this particular situation? Thanks