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HTML e-mail link in attribute table

Question asked by jafrie on Jun 18, 2015

Hi all:


I've got this nice HTML script for an e-mail link, say for providing someone the option to write an e-mail through a webpage. It looks something like this (for example):


<a href=" your bouncy ball">Email Barney Today!</a>


My original idea was to use the field calculator to populate a field I created called "Email_URL" with this script for every row (93 rows total) so that the public could click on the link and it would pop up an e-mail for the public to provide e-mail comments to. When I tried to run this code, it errored out. I was going to push this as a layer out to the cloud in ArcGIS Online, too. Any one have any idea on how to make one of these e-mail links work?


~ Jake