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Regarding creation of Kernel Density Map in ArcGIS

Question asked by naqvihm on Jun 19, 2015
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I wish to plot Kernel Density Map for geo-referenced rural road crashes in ArcMap 10 (using Spatial Analyst Tools->Density->Kernel Density-Dialogue box pops up to enter data). I found that the "Output Cell size" and "Search Radius" by default the ArcGIS software is taking for plotting Kernel density Map for road crashes is very small say 0.001 metre(m) and 0.01 m respectively, which is small to conclude inferences from the plotted kernel density maps. When I change"output cell size" and "radius"  in the Dialogue box to larger values  say 5 m and 50 m respectively, ArcGIS does NOT plot the kernel density map and show error.   Could anyone help me to diagnose the problem in plotting kernel density maps for road crashes. Secondly I also request the esteemed members to write steps or procedure to carry out Network Density Estimation using ArcGIS as Kernel Density estimation is planar based and not popular in analysing highway crashes.



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H. M. Naqvi