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Question asked by cwholmes on Jun 17, 2015
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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to use the JSON To Features tool but I cannot find an example of how the JSON file should look so that it will convert correctly. The file that I have currently looks like this:


{"rows":[[-9796.4038000004,5646764.8232,1955,"151 DALE PL

SW"],[-9780.723199999898,5646761.819300001,1952,"155 DALE PL

SW"],[-9764.6319000004,5646765.927300001,1954,"159 DALE PL

SW"],[-9668.8421999998,5646720.6684,1955,"204 DALE PL



Looking for some guidance on how this needs to be changed so that it can be imported. Or is there a different conversion tool that I should look at?


Thanks for your time,