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Creating New Polygons Based On Common Attributes

Question asked by THD2011 on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2015 by sephefox

HI All


I was wondering if it was possible to create new polygons from an existing shapefile/feature class.



In the attribute table I would have a field called orchid, with 100 entries (100 individual Polygons)


10 entries = "Green Apples: Cluster 1"

10 entries = "Green Apples: Cluster 2"

10 entries = "Green Apples: Cluster 3"

20 entries = "Green Apples: Cluster 4"

25 entries = "Green Apples: Cluster 5"

25 entries = "Green Apples: Cluster 6"


(The orchids would be clustered, so 20 green orchids for instance would be next to each other separated by a clustered of 25 green orchids and so forth)



Is there a tool I can use to merge all the clustered orchids into 1 polygon, reflecting just the outer boundary of clusters?

(Hence resulting in only 6 polygons)