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Apply "CAD Unique Entity Values" to a geodatabase feature class layer?

Question asked by jakubsisak on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by khodge-esristaff

I would like to be able to replicate the symbology from a CAD layer in a FGDB Feature Class layer once the CAD data has been exported to a geodatabase.   All the fields that appear in the source AutoCAD DXF or DWG are present in the geodatabase feature class but I am unable to import the symbology.  I've been trying this since version 10 and it still does not work in version 10.3.



When a DWG or DXF is added to ArcMap, it's layers (I am only concerned about the polyline layer), are symbolized very similarely to what they actually look like in AutoCAD.  I would like to use the SAME symbology to symbolize the converted geodatabase feature class layer.


The problem seems to be that CAD layers added to ArcMap have an EXTRA symbology category under  Symbology Categories in the CAD Layer Properties called CAD unique entity values


The CAD layer CAN be saved as a layer file


For some reason it is NOT POSSIBLE to import this particual layer to a regular feature class layer.  this is possibly because the "CAD unique entity values" is not a category in the regular feature class layer. 


Importing this type of layer doesn't raise any errors it just simply does not work.


Is there a workaround?  Is it possible to apply the symbology stored in "CAD unique entity values" category of a layer added from a DWG or DXF to the converted geodatabase equivalent?