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Using Local Geocoding service to Reverse Geocode (FAIL)

Question asked by on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by rutzmosh

I created a local Geocoding service for a 911 project. I can add the service in ArcMap and the Address Inspector shows it works great.


However I am trying to use it in Leaflet and it doesn't return anything. (code 400 no results)


So I tried the Rest Service directly an passed it a coordinate or address, same result code 400,


// //help file




Sample address and it's coordinate

  //41.045444,-75.579659 for '10 LAKE HARMONY RD'


Any ideas, I'm stumped as it looks like the service is not right but when ArcMap uses it it's ok.


My leaflet file is attached if it helps..


Message was edited by: Bill Chappell 6/18 The attached script is now working after code changes to convert lat/long to meters in Leaflet.