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Workstation 10x AiVersionMismatchException

Question asked by grburk on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by grburk

I recently inherited a Java small program that was originally created using Workstation 8x that creates in instance of the Arc object from the ODE.JAR file


private Arc m_arc

m_arc = new  Arc();

if ( !m_arc.isInitialized() ) {

throw new Exception( "Couldn`t initialize Arc utility" );


s_bInstanceExists = true;



Since Workstation 8x will not install on a Windows 2012 machine it was decided to use Workstation 10x as it would allow us to use our group license. 


I've installed and reinstalled Workstation 10x several times on this particular machine and ensured that there are no registry remnants with each uninstall,  the license manager is set correctly and made sure Eclipse is using the correct and only ode.jar library available  but when ever the instance of the Arc() is created I get a version mismatch error


Version mismatch:

   ArcInfo version 10.0

   ODE for Java version 9.2 Beta II

at com.esri.ode.AiVersion.checkVersion(Unknown Source)

at com.esri.ode.Arc.<clinit>(Unknown Source)


I have been searching the net and ESRI boards but no references to this error. I am hoping someone might be able to give me a clue or two on finding a solution.