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Tools suggestions on helping to fix "Short length between Feature Vertices" with Lines and Polygons?

Question asked by Asauerw on Jun 15, 2015

I have been working with a data set that calls out a topological error for vertices that are too close to one another (less than 1 meter). My question for you: Do you all know of a tool of set of tools that would work accurately with topology data for polygons that would limit the amount of change in the geometry of each polygon if a vertex that was to close to another were to be "deleted"?


Do you also know of one that would do the same for a line?


Examples would be for say an island polygon (coastline verts) sharing an edge with tidal water that should all be coincident with a land water boundary.... I know about the capabilities of the Topology tool bar, but I have recently used the simplify polygon tool, which when utilizing the tolerance within the tool set has the capability to output a layer that is very precise, limiting the errors.


Also, think of a polygon that overlaps another (overshoot & undershoot).....